Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hey y'all, this has been a really busy month so far, leading up to the 6 month anniversary of my liver transplant. The big day is May 18th, which is just 2 days before my birthday, so there will be a lot for me to celebrate this year. That's even more true now that I've had all of the tests and procedures that are done to make sure that everything is continuing to work the way it should.

There's also been the joy of finally taking care of a few things that I haven't been able to do since way before the transplant. The fun part was finding a groovy new pair of glasses after a thorough eye exam. The not so fun part was a root canal, although I must say that my dentist has been incredible. Everyone continues to impress me all over Fairview Hospital. They've just opened a brand-new dental clinic at the Riverside location that provides special care for individuals who have complex medical issues, including transplant recipients. It really makes life a lot easier for those of us who've grown weary explaining the same basic information over and over.

There's a whole lot more going on, but I'll save some for later. For now I'll just mention that the rest of this month will continue to be busy. I'm packing up to move into the downstairs apartment of this big house where I reside. It'll be an interesting change to look out the window and not look down on everyone who walks by. Is that a metaphor for something?

peace and love,