Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Well... first of all, a big shout out to Giovani for saying that he misses my posts. (And by the way, my friend - your English is far superior to my Portuguese!)

At least there is a good reason for my absence. This month has been SO busy that I didn't realize how many days had gone by. In my last update I was focusing on the fractures in my vertebrae. I'm not taking any pain meds now, and it feels like it's getting better. Tomorrow I'll have more x-rays and talk to the neurosurgeon to see if there is progress with the healing.

So here's why I've been so busy: I am getting near the six month anniversary of my transplant and now there are lots of tests to check the liver. And of course I've also started therapy to get my head a bit looser. Yes, I worry too much.

One problem with immuno-suppressant medications is that they can cause transplant patients to become diabetic. Last week I had blood tests for diabetes; thankfully the tests were negative, so it's one less thing to worry about. Whew.

And so far the liver seems to be doing fine. I had an ultrasound to see my organs and it looked good. I've also had another biopsy but I won't know the results until Friday. Gosh. I'm getting tired just thinking about it all, so I guess that's why I've taken some time off from writing. There's also the fact that Minnesota is quite beautiful in the spring. Since the only exercise that's safe for me right now is walking, I've been taking lots of walks (except for rainy days.)

This weekend I'll try to walk all the way around my favorite lake. Wish me luck!



bendrix said...

I am so glad you're not diabetic. That's a relief.

NYCDreamin said...

Laura...Sounds like things are going pretty well, I'm so glad to hear it. Maybe I'll bump into you walking around the lake sometime (I prefer Calhoun) and have a chance to say Hello. Enjoy the warm weather!