Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dear Friends and Concerned Folks,

My friends in Minneapolis and I have set up this blog to help keep you informed of what is going on with my journey towards a liver transplant, communicate electronically with me, and to enable people to help out if they can. And we need your help, so please consider making a donation, big or small. This is a work in progress.

We are planning a benefit concert for Saturday November 8th in Minneapolis, featuring the Bush Tetras and others TBA. (The Minneapolis benefit concert is being rescheduled. Details to come shortly...)

The venue will be announced shortly. More information as it becomes available.


Victoria said...

Eat your greens Laura Kennedy! I'll be with you very soon...

much love, vic

b. said...

Laura -

Oh, dear. Well, since this is the first I've heard of this, I feel like I get to claim the right feel kind of down about it, even if it sounds like you're keeping your head up.

It's been a little while since we've seen each other but I'm doing well and I hope you are too, all things considered. I'll be thinking of you and hoping things work out. If you feel like chatting, drop me a line off the links in my Blogger profile...

Be well.

Brian P

squaretooth said...

I am getting bombarded with unsolicited email regarding the Laura Kennedy (Bush Tetras) Benefit show. Apparently the following email addresses (; are being used that include my email address and I am getting dozens of emails that include everyone on the lists. How do I get off this list? I don't like getting spammed and I certainly don't appreciate someone that is involved with the ROIR website using my email address for such purposes. I did not ask to be on this list and want to be taken off. Will I certainly understand Laura's plight it does not give anyone the right to spam anyone. I'm not going to put my email address in this comment but would rather that someone post a message for the dozens, if not hundreds of others suffering the same fate as I, that explains how to be removed from this list.

Adam said...


Assuming you're referring to the benefit concert in New York, as the one in Minneapolis hasn't solidified yet. This blog is not directly affiliated with that benefit--in fact, not even sure who is promoting it over in NYC.

Sorry to hear spam has gotten you down. Take heart in knowing the benefit will be over soon.


Sam said...

Hey Laura! Sam from D.C. and NYC here...remember me? Tattoos? Spider Webb? I remember your first. I'm sending love and some $. I know you're doing all the good stuff; I am too.

rh said...


I just want to join in. I am a fan as well as friend of Laura. I've always thought the most of her (even when she was her worst!). I send all good wishes, and more, to the very great Laura.

-Richard Hell

Gary Hill said...

Hi Laura,
We only met once, a long time ago. The Bush Tetras played at the rainbow theatre in London (a great gig) The following night I met you round at Patti Paladin's
off Elgin avenue,we sat up all night talkin' this 'n' that,Patti played Stravinsky's firebird suite on her old Dansette and it repeated all night long! Those were different times!
Anyway you made a big impression on me,really enjoyed shooting the breeze with you.So here I am comin' outta the woodwork to send you my love and an ocean of positivity to float yr boat upon,hang in there Laura, the best is yet to come!
Big Love
Gary x

Lisa Genet said...

I just read today's headline re your spanking new liver. What a lift that gave me! I can't imagine all that you are experiencing this moment after your surgery. My heart is dancing with happpiness and gratitude (that may sound like a Hallmark card but it's true).

I know we have not been in touch but... I have thought of you often and missed you. So many people sending you love, prayers, hugs etc. have made this all possible...with some help from the medical community of course! Stay strong my dear. Call or write any old time you can. Much love and prayers from your fellow Lefty (and still a Mets fan). God bless you Laura!!!

Anonymous said...

Long time sister, it's been like 10 or more years since the last time I ran into you in NYC... I just heard how sick you have been and someone sent me the link to your site today, so here I am. How are you doing, have you had a transplant yet, I'm sending love, prayers and cash girl..... I too had Hep C hell i think we all have it from back in the day wow so many of us, ( I won't name names LOL but many of our old home girls. I went though treatment 4 years ago and am blessed to be free of it now, hoping that stays the case, god bless girl and if your up to it at some point do give a shout out my way, I also live in the mid west, I'm in Columbus Ohio and have been for the last six years.
love ya
deb camarota