Sunday, November 30, 2008



Laura was readmitted to the ICU yesterday. She is sedated and back on a respirator to hopefully stabilize a slide which began on Thursday. Again her condition is incredibly fragile/weak. I am hoping to speak to the doctors tomorrow to get a better handle on the situation.

I saw a "glimpse" of Laura just a few days ago which makes this even more difficult to accept. Yes there will be peaks and valleys over the coming months, but please continue to keep her in your thoughts and meditations. I told her tonight that there are so many people sending positive energy, and I feel sure that by all of us focusing on helping her heal that she will pull from deep down and get over this hurdle.

More to come very soon.




misterswizzo said...

Told our viewers on TC Muzique about you but haven't checked in for a bit.
Love the great news. Hopefull in spite of the less great news. I'm looking forward to giving a happy report on the12/11 show. Hang on, kid. We're all pulling for ya.


misterswizzo said...

So glad to see the good news. Are there any special messages I can send out on Thursday's show?
All the best