Monday, November 24, 2008

The Prettiest Star-Laura Kennedy


Spent the afternoon with Laura today, and she was laughing at me for fretting over various paperwork that I am attempting to fill out for her. Social Security and Hennepin County, good times.

She is still recoving from nearly 6 days of the invasive nature/ramifications of being hooked up to a respirator, and the havoc it reaked on her throat. A Speech Therapist is working with her to help regain strength just so that she can swallow again; we are hoping that tomorrow she might be rewarded with a sip or two of her favorite apple/carrot juice. Everything is still via IV.

So extremely weak yes but healing slowly. Everyday brings a slight improvement. Her speaking voice is just above a whisper right now and we are probably looking at another 2-3 days before she will be transferred out of Intensive Care.

But Laura's sense of humor remains intact. There is a show of amusement towards the various doctors and staff that are constantly in and out to check on her.


NYCDreamin said...

Glad to read you are getting better each day. I just wanted to extend to you, your family and close friends - my wishes to you all for a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend. You are in my thoughts...

Mary said...

Laura Laura,
I'm so glad to hear the news gets better every day. I haven't been able to visit you for a few days because I came down with a cold and figured my runny nose would not be welcome in the ICU, but hopefully I will be able to visit again soon. We all have so much to be thankful for this week of Thanksgiving.
Much love,

Emily said...

Hey Laura,
Greetings from NYC. So glad to read that you are getting better. What an ordeal you have been through and how great that you are on the road to recovery!
My warmest Thanksgiving greetings to you and your wonderful caring friends.
Emily xxxooo

Kerry said...

Hello Laura-
You don't know me, but back in the '80s I had an indie label music show on radio station KFMH in Muscatine, IA and I played Bush Tetras music for every cow, cornfield and cool person in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. More recently, I had the pleasure of working with Vicky Korosi (Hi Vic!) during her Ryko days. So as a fan and someone who's just two degrees of separation away, congratulations on your successful transplant and heartfelt wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
Kerry Peace

Allan said...

Hey Laura,
Can't tell you how happy I am to hear how well you're doing since the transplant. Like a lot of other people out there have already noted, it's given Thanksgiving a whole new meaning. You have a wonderful group of friends who care so much about you. So get strong soon, feel better and take care. And as our mutual friend Vicky would say,

All the very best,

mmikulich said...

Great news, especially at this time of Thanksgiving. Best wishes for a strong and swift recovery.

Marc Jeffrey

Suzanne said...

Laura, we were so worried about you and both so happy to hear that you're getting better now! I hope everything keeps going well for you. You're such a nice, special person I know, and I've had really good times with you, especially this last summer.Have a great Thanksgiving, and I hope to get to talk to you when you're feeling up to it!

-Zoe (and Suzanne sitting behind me)

Lisa Genet said...

Dearest LK,
Keeping up with your liver news (including your request for a steak just a few days after your transplant!)this week has done wonders for my spirits because I know how dire your health situation was. I had faith that your odds would come through in your favor but I was still one worried, wandering Jew! I know we haven't been in touch for a few, but I look forward to that changing once you are on the mend and strong enough to endure at least a few laughs and a whole lot of hugs!
Love you bunches always, Lisa G.