Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shout Out to My Angels

I've just started to read the comments on this blog. You may not know this, but soon after it was created (with help from some angels) I became quite sick and unable to participate. The news has been spread by other angels, and angels have been at my side for the past six months of this long journey.
Now I find myself at a loss for words, completely awed by all the love and good wishes coming my way. I so want to write each of you personally and I promise to do that some time in the coming months. There are hundreds of people who have contributed or sent greetings. Some are long lost friends, others may have seen the band back in the day, but rest assured that each and every one of you have contributed to raising my spirits and given me the will to keep fighting. Bless you all.


Anonymous said...

We hope Minneapolis is rocking their pants off tonight!! Only in Minnesota will they run around pantsless in negative degrees>

Love from the frozen squirrels in Cleveland!
Dress in your favorite parka and silk scarf!!!

Anna Taylory Domino said...
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Anna Taylory Domino said...

DearEst Laura,
To: the coolest girl in the room. I have every faith that you will thrive. This disease caught me too, but I was lucky and beat it with the interferon cocktail. I know that the suffering you have endured has far outstripped my experience. But I believe the liver is a tough and resilient organ and that you are a tough and resilient cookie.
I wish I could give you more comfort.
In the meantime...
Happy new administration!
Be whole, be well, be, be, be, be......
XxXOoO Anna Taylor/Domino

NYCDreamin said...

The show on Saturday was amazing!
Here is the first video I've been able to find. It's the Commandos with Dave Thomas doing "The Final Solution". Video was filmed by OllieStench and is up at Here is the link: