Monday, January 19, 2009

Wow! What a Weekend

Only home from the hospital a week, but with Dr’s permission I did leave the house on Saturday and Sunday.
Having my former band mates (Bush Tetras) fly in to the mini apple to support me was a real homecoming. We hadn’t seen each in years (yes, I love mpls and have no desire to return to nyc!) so this visit boosted my energy. I probably overdid it, going out to the benefit concert for 3 hrs on Saturday night and then meeting everyone for brunch at Nick & Eddie on Sunday: Wow! Who needs sex drugs and rock and roll when you have Jessica’s butterscotch pudding?
While Doug drove the band off to the airport, we threw raffle tickets into a big vase and picked out some winners. It seems as though quite a few people bought large quantities of tickets, and when you see the list of winners you’ll notice that a few got very lucky. On the flip side, I’m sure there are also those that missed out, the law of averages being whatever – but a huge thank you to those of you who participated. The proceeds have gone into the fund that was created for me to help with all my expenses during the crucial first year post-transplant.
I do want to thank all of you individually as well for your contributions and your positive energy, but there has been so much response that it may take me several months to get those thank-yous done. Please know that I’m grateful for your support & encouragement.
XOXO – Laura
P.S. List of raffle prize winners will follow soon, I promise!

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